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Why Does Your Company Require A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Mobile-Friendly Website

You need a mobile website in this mobile era. There will be no more procrastination…the moment has come. If you are still hesitant to upgrade your website, consider the following: Mobile accounts for 56 percent of internet traffic, and this figure is expected to rise. That’s nearly half! With the rising popularity of different tablets and smartphones with variable screen sizes, having a site that is adaptable to the size of the user’s screen is crucial for the ease of use and navigation of your mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Customers In A Moving World

Your consumers are always on the go, and they want to use technology that fits their hectic schedules. Consider the following as you plan your business for the coming year: According to, more than 63.4 percent of mobile phone users will access web content through their devices in 2017. Online customers value their independence, and they want to engage with your company as long as it is mobile.

Why mobile-friendly website is Important- Skyview Smart Solutions

When it comes to developing a mobile website, many company owners are concerned about the money and time required.

The good news is that we no longer live in a world of web design services and development when you might have to maintain two separate websites, one for desktop and one for mobile devices. Our websites at Geek Town USA are already mobile-friendly and responsive. That website is responsive to all screen sizes.

In today’s post, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of today’s mobile-friendly site design. We can answer every demand by seeing the project from numerous perspectives, allowing the entire project to function smoothly.


For a minute, consider the “whats” and “whys.” A responsive design means that your website automatically adjusts its size and content display to match your user’s screen. As a result, whether they’re using a laptop, tablet, or phone, they all view the same webpage that has been customized for their screen size.

The following are some of the benefits of using a responsive website design approach:

  • All gadgets are housed on a single website.
  • There is no mobile URL or online address to advertise.
  • Maintenance and costs are reduced.
  • A unified Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy

Issues to consider while developing responsive web design:

  • Loading of all stuff that isn’t required
  • Longer mobile load times
  • Some material causes resizing issues.
  • The development period might be significantly longer.
  • Inability to make mobile-only content


Another approach is to establish a mobile-only site design. When your mobile web design firm produces a distinct website for mobile consumers, this sort of website is established. Digital marketers prefer the mobile website option because it allows them to produce mobile-exclusive content and especially target a niche audience.

While the site may have the majority of the same content as your main site, the mobile version may include smaller graphics, offers tailored to mobile visitors (for example, digital coupons or lunch special advertisements), and a faster load time.

Benefits of a mobile web design:

  • Capability to produce carefully chosen content
  • Design that is easy to use
  • quicker load times
  • Metrics for mobile business planning
  • Simpler to test and debug

Consider the following issues while designing a mobile website:

  • Bookmarking is difficult.
  • two web pages must be updated/maintained
  • The requirement for a mobile SEO strategy
  • The design difficulty of several device screen sizes
  • Several URLs to market


Examine your long-term strategic plan to determine what style of website is best for your company. Are you concentrating your business on mobile customers? Do you want to be able to reach out to individuals via text messages, your corporate app, or social media?

The bottom line is that if you are not meeting the client where they are, your competition will. Creating a mobile-friendly website is not an issue of “when.” There should be a “how.” Your clients are always on the go, and they want the comfort and ease of a product that fits their needs.

Contact Kreationsites immediately to discuss your plans and requirements. We will create a website design and development strategy, timeframe, and budget that suits your company’s objectives.

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