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Why Use Cat6 Shielded Pure Copper Cable?

Are you wondering if there are any good reasons to use the Cat6 shielded pure copper cable? If so, this blog is specifically written for you. In it, we are discussing the reasons that make the Shielded Cat6 cable an excellent choice for ethernet networking. It is a top-notch ethernet cable with gigabit and 10-gigabit data transfer speeds. it has a bandwidth capacity of up to 550 MHz and transmits data at up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters. This speed can be increased up to 10 GBit/s by running the cable at up to 50 meters.

In addition to the high speed and bandwidth, the Cat6 shielded cable provides much better signal integrity and maintains minimum attenuation. Because the conductors of the cable are made from pure copper, it lasts longer and is easy to install.

The shielding of the cable protects it from external noise and electromagnetic interference. However, it makes the cable a little stiffer and thus harder to install.

This is an overview of both the good and the not-so-good things about the STP (shielded twisted pair) Cat6 bare copper cable. Let’s take a detailed look into the reasons that make this cable ideal for use in both commercial and residential buildings. And also at the reasons because of which, you might want to choose another cable.

Shielded Cable

We could never stress enough the importance of shielding in a cable. Particularly, if you will be using the cable in crowded networks, its shielding will work wonders for you.

Shielding in the Cat6 cable is of two types. It can be a metal foil wrapped around the individual conductor pairs or around the entire conductor bunch. The other form of shielding can be a wire mesh. Note that both types of shielding can also be integrated into the cable.

Pure Copper Conductors

The conductors of the Cat6 shielded cable are made from bare copper. Bare copper, being the finest of all conductors ensures high performance of the cable. More on its performance factor later.

So, using bare copper for conductors has many benefits. First, it makes sure that the cable does not corrode. Secondly, it is safer than the CCA (copper-clad aluminum) conductors. It is safer in the sense that it has a high tolerance for heat and can be used for Power over Ethernet applications as well.

Easy to Install

Pure Copper Cat6 shielded cables are easy to install because of the Bare copper or pure copper conductors. Otherwise, shielded cables can be tricky to install due to their added stiffness.

However, the bare copper conductors make the cable much more flexible and ductile which can easily be installed. Moreover, there are two types of bare copper conductors. Solid and stranded. The stranded cables are more flexible and thus, easier to install as compared to the solid conductors.

But in any case, the STP Cat6 cable is shipped on either an easy-to-pull box or a sturdy wooden spool which also plays an important part in ensuring an easy and effortless installation.

Everlasting Ethernet Cables

The Cat6 shielded pure copper cable lasts a very long time. That is due to the quality of the materials used in it. Shielding of the cable not protects it from EMI and crosstalk but also protects the cable from harsh environments and physical strain over time. Similarly, bare copper conductors are corrosion-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

These factors ensure a long life span of the cable and it can last anywhere between 10 to 20 years which is quite a long time.

Stellar Performance

Last but not least, the performance of the STP Cat6 cable is the most impressive thing about it and definitely a reason to use it. As mentioned previously, it maintains minimum attenuation which is data loss in transmission. The cable can also be used for all high-speed ethernet applications including fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet, 10-gigabit Ethernet, PoE, and PoE+/++.

Moreover, because the cable is shielded, its performance is improved to a great extent. These are the reasons it is used in both residential and commercial LAN networks of all sizes.

Furthermore, it not only meets but exceeds all the industry standards for category 6 ethernet cables by a wide margin.

Wrap Up!

To sum up, there are reasons aplenty to use the shielded Cat6 pure copper cable. It is easy to install and provides a stellar performance. The cable is also long-lasting and can withstand extreme weather events. In crowded networks, shielding of the Cat6 pure copper cable provides much-needed protection against EMI and crosstalk (Alien and Near-End).

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